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Camp Blackbird at Blackbird Farm - Pathways Travels

Announcing: Camp Blackbird

Blackbird Farm is now Camp Blackbird! Pathways Travels is happy to announce the newest program offered by our partner brand, Blackbird Farm

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Pathways programs are all-inclusive and chaperoned by highly qualified personnel. We host several distinct programs to broaden students’ perspectives.

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Service Learning
New Orleans, LA


College Tour
East Coast

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College Readiness Experience the World

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Experiential learning is an innovative approach to instruction, providing
relevant, real-world experience to students through hands-on activities.


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I have definitely grown in my time here by becoming a more open, caring, and trustworthy person. – Caitlin W.,
Pathways Student Participant

This program motivates students to achieve their dreams and not let anything keep them from reaching their goals. – Stephanie K.,
Pathways Teacher Participant

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